A Therapy Session with ChatGPT Part 1: Confessions from a Craft Hoarder

A Therapy Session with ChatGPT Part 1: Confessions from a Craft Hoarder

There are as many memes about “craft supply hoarders” as there are ribbon spools in my basement – and trust me, I could be Michael’s wholesale supplier. But behind the memes are so many truths. Why do I and so many others collect such beautiful materials and let them just sit on a shelf?

Here's ChatGPT’s full response:

  1. Perfectionism: Some people hesitate to use their craft supplies because they fear that their creations won't turn out perfectly. This fear of failure or disappointment can prevent you from starting a project and lead to a build-up of unused supplies.
  2. Sentimental value: Craft supplies often hold sentimental value. They might remind you of past projects, special moments, or people in your life. Letting go of these items can feel challenging, as they're tied to emotional memories and attachments.

  3. Fear of scarcity: You might worry about running out of particular supplies or materials in the future. This fear can lead to hoarding behavior to ensure you always have enough on hand. However, this can result in accumulating more than necessary.

  4. Overwhelm and decision fatigue: Having a large collection of craft supplies can be overwhelming. The abundance of choices can make it difficult to decide where to start or what project to pursue. Consequently, you may postpone using them and continue to hoard instead.

  5. Procrastination: Hoarding craft supplies can sometimes be a form of procrastination. Instead of engaging in the creative process, you might find yourself constantly buying new materials, organizing your supplies, or planning future projects, avoiding the actual execution.

  6. Lack of time or energy: Crafting often requires time, energy, and focus. If you find yourself occupied with other commitments or lacking the necessary motivation, you may unintentionally accumulate supplies without utilizing them.

Do any of those ring true for you? I’m overwhelmed just thinking about being overwhelmed! And sure, I want to be a more productive crafter. But what else will I get out of using my favourite supplies? Stay tuned…

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