What makes sola flowers so amazing?

Sola flower wreath


With gentle handling, sola flowers can last for years! Keeping precious memories - your bridal bouquet or your Christmas centrepiece - is easy.


Sola wood flowers are made from Shola (aeschynomene aspera): renewable, fast-growing, And because they are long-lasting, you don't need to replace them as often as fresh flowers. So they are economical, too.


Each arrangement is crafted by hand, so no two are identical. And with custom designs, your colour options and styles are limitless. Wreaths, centrepieces, hand-tied bouquets...arrangements to suit every occasion and season!

Low Maintenance

Sola flowers are perfect for people who kill cactuses: they only need the occasional dusting with a cool hair dryer! No watering, no pruning, no need for sun. They are always beautiful.

Information from: https://solawoodflowers.com/blogs/sola-school/ultimate-guide-to-sola-wood-flowers

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