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Erin Brae Design

Sola "Succulents": Singles

Sola "Succulents": Singles

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Handcrafted from wood and painted, these little "succulents" will last for years, and you never have to do a thing. Perfect to brighten up your WFH space or your kitchen windowsill. Each one comes in a 2" terra cotta pot. 

*Safe around pets
*No watering or sun needed
*Huge variety of colours and shapes
*On trend!


*Each photo features an arrangement that we have previously made to give you a sense of our style and vibe. But each arrangement is made when ordered! So you will get our latest and best flowers according to the season and Erin’s artistic temperament that day WINK, but they may vary in specifics. Rest assured, each piece will match the pictures in value. You will get a unique, quality, gorgeous arrangement of which you can be proud.

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